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2nd exchange for Exchange & Win No. 17

♠ A2



♣ J762

♠ J10873



♣ 954

♠ K



♣ Q3

♠ Q9654



♣ AK108

South is declarer in five no-trumps.  What is the winning exchange?

What sequence of counter-exchanges follows?

The second winning exchange is to swap North's 9 for East's 10.  The cost is (10-9)x2=2, as for the first exchange, but hearts are lower than spades.  This exchange means that after a spade, four rounds of clubs and two of diamonds, East is on lead (if diamonds have been played carefully) with just hearts and the 3 remaining.  A heart lead lets North establish a heart trick with a diamond entry, so East leads the diamond.  South plays the carefully preserved 2 and West is subjected to a seesaw squeeze, North playing high or low according to West's discard.

East-West is now the losing side and we must find a counter-exchange that makes them the winning side again.  The counter-exchange must be cheaper than the second exchange, so it must either cost less than 2 (i.e., 1) or must involve lower cards or a lower suit than hearts, under Rules 6 and 7.

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