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Problemist Tables

The tables shown below are obtained using Rel, a free download provided as Open Source software by Dave Voorhis.  Rel is an implementation of Tutorial D, a relational database language invented by myself and Chris Date.  The first table shows problemists' scores to date for the present year.  The second  shows the final positions last year.  The third shows total scores and grades for all problemists who have been active since January 2011

Until January 2011 I had been using a suite of computer programs developed by myself in Mallard Basic, originally on an Amstrad PCW running CP/M in the early 1980s.  In that system I was unable to retain detailed records for previous years.  I had wanted to switch to Rel almost as soon as the first version of that product became available in 2004.  I was compelled into action in 2010 when I discovered that Mallard Basic, developed originally for CP/M and later for MS/DOS by a company, Locomotive Software, that no longer exists, is not supported on Windows from Windows 7 onwards.  Thanks to Rel, I am now able to retain detailed records indefinitely.

League table for 2017:


Ian Budden161
Radu Mihai160
Sebastian Nowacki160
Zoran Sibinović 160
Steve Bloom121
Andries van der Vegt100
Leigh Matheson100
Rajeswar Tewari100
Dick Yuen60
Wim van der Zijden60
Paolo Treossi41
A.V. Ramana Rao40

Final league table for 2016:


Steve Bloom1019
Radu Mihai982
Sebastian Nowacki902
Ian Budden822
Wim van der Zijden712
Andries van der Vegt651
Zoran Sibinović 580
F.Y. Sing480
Leigh Matheson460
Paolo Treossi4215
A.V. Ramana Rao421
Dick Yuen230
Jean-Marc Bihl144
Alexander Baranovitch130
Vincent Labbé114
Rajeswar Tewari111
Tadikonda Appaji Prasad110
Abby Chiu90
Marc Bonnet80
Prahalad Rajkumar60
Raghu Rajkumar60
Mark Fogg Elliot40
Daniel de Lind van Wijngaarden20
Ankush Mandal10


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Problemists active since January 2011

The high total scores for some of these people is explained by the fact that they were participating in solving competitions in the days when I was publishing them in British bridge magazines.  The entries are shown in descending sequence of scores obtained since January 2011.



Total MPs Total SPs

MPs Since Jan 2011

SPs Since Jan 2011

Steve BloomGrand Master Problemist7508647647
Sebastian NowackiLife Master Problemist4692142518
Ian BuddenGrand Master Problemist11316538328
Radu MihaiMaster Problemist3741037410
Wim van der ZijdenGrand Master Problemist178512637310
Jean-Marc BihlLife Master Problemist4804227218
Leigh MathesonExpert Problemist30942483
Paolo TreossiMaster Problemist3477718761
Dick YuenExpert Problemist26121632
Andries van der VegtExpert Problemist16921561
Zoran Sibinović Expert Problemist15341474
Wing-Kai HonExpert Problemist11261126
F.Y. SingProblemist993933
Abby ChiuProblemist591541
A.V. Ramana RaoProblemist652521
Rajeswar TewariMaster Problemist21410361
Zoran Sibinović Expert Problemist134273410
Wing-Kai HonNovice341311
F.Y. SingExpert Problemist1523260
Abby ChiuNovice230230
A.V. Ramana RaoNovice180180
Vincent LabbéNovice130130
Daniel de Lind van WijngaardenExpert Problemist1523260
Bülent İyidoğanNovice230230
Kukuh IndrayanaNovice180180
Alexander BaranovitchNovice130130
Sze Guan TanNovice120120
Barry RigalNovice132112
Tadikonda Appaji PrasadNovice110110
Alexey PavlovNovice9090
Dyah YuliantoNovice9090
Marc BonnetNovice15180
Prahalad RajkumarNovice8080
Raghu RajkumarNovice6060
John MacmillanNovice5050
Pavel StrizNovice5050
Chaokai ChengNovice4040
Clint FykeNovice21040
Mark Fogg ElliotNovice4040
Steve DunnNovice4040
Freda FongNovice3030
Ayhan KökNovice2020
Bob BignallNovice27120
Mohammad HaikalNovice2020
Peter LiNovice10220
Sylvain SchwartzProblemist71020
Ankush MandalNovice1010
Clive KlugmanNovice1010
Erin TewesNovice1010
Fraser RewNovice1010
Ian McGarrettNovice1010
Maciej GóreckiNovice1010
R. LaneNovice1010
Ufuk ErkmenNovice1010


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